Browning’s construction project featured in “Gates Notes” for Carbon Cure

Gates Notes ( the blog of Bill Gates, “Buildings are bad for the climate.  Here’s what we can do about it.” featured CarbonCure, a product being used in Browning’s construction project at the Infosys Technology and Innovation Hub.

Gates references the production of construction materials as a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and one company with a clever approach to reducing the carbon footprint by embedding carbon dioxide in concrete – CarbonCure.  (Read the full article here)

The Infosys Technology and Innovation Hub, currently under construction on the west side of Indianapolis on the grounds of the old Indianapolis airport, is utilizing this carbon embedded concrete.  To-date the project has used 8,000 cyd of CarbonCure Concrete, yielding a CO2 savings of 240,000 pounds.

“We pride ourselves at Browning for not only understanding how a building functions for a client, but how it fits into their corporate culture and core values. In addition to constructing a sustainable building, working towards pollution prevention is one of Infosys’ environmental protection initiatives.  Utilizing the CarbonCure technology was a great fit.”
Scott Hirschman, AIA, NCARB
President of Construction, Browning

CarbonCure technology works by injecting recycled post-industrial CO₂ into ready mix concrete during the manufacturing process. The CO₂ undergoes a mineralization process that enhances the concrete’s compressive strength, which enables concrete producers to optimize concrete mixes without compromising the concrete’s quality or impacting its price while reducing the carbon footprint.  (Read more about CarbonCure here)

Spoiler alert: you can see a snippet of the Infosys building at 1:03 and Chad Robertson and Ken Carnagua our construction team at 2:30

Concrete work is being done by Lithko Contracting.

CarbonCure concrete is supplied by IMI Concrete.