We are a proven partner for low-risk, high-value development, and we are committed to the success of Midwestern communities. Our regional market expertise, stakeholder engagement experience, and data-driven approach inform our industrial and multifamily solutions. On a selective basis, we also lead signature projects for cities, universities, and corporate clients.


In a region known as a logistics mecca, Browning doesn’t simply know the industrial park marketplace; it has put some of the most successful parks on the map. Pioneering the development of cutting-edge warehouse and distribution parks, Browning’s land positions, tenant contacts, deal-flow experience, local expertise and risk-management skills give the biggest names in international business well-designed facilities in locations that deliver.

Industrial Projects
Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Browning builds on its extensive relationships to develop mixed-use and multifamily projects with the right balance of uses to serve residents, tenants, and communities. From land assembly and navigating zoning issues to leasing, Browning has proven that it has the experience and expertise to create developments that deliver the right project in the right place by assessing local culture and delivering a result that drives prosperity for everyone involved.

Multifamily Projects
Office & Headquarters

The office is an ever-evolving, ever-improving landscape, and Browning has been on the leading edge of that evolution for 40 years.  We understand not only the complexities and nuances of office projects, but how to listen and deliver spaces that reflect the mission, personality and passions of the organizations that work within them.  Browning’s 20 million square feet of office-space experience means we know how to create spaces that define organizations and attract employees in dense urban landscapes, spacious suburban parks, or innovation districts.

Office & Headquarters Projects

Signature Projects are the large-scale developments that transform communities.  On a selective basis, we will lead these signature projects for cities, institutions, and corporate clients which require a comprehensive master planning effort – real estate development with a long-term plan and design for land-use, infrastructure, streets, and greenspaces that serve as a roadmap for the project and future development.

Signature Projects


We don’t just move dirt; we move mountains. Our construction services team operates with the highest level of integrity and transparency to bring solutions to the table. We can address your specific needs through general contracting, construction management, design-build, technical representative, or third-party construction. Working closely with our development and property services teams, we are able to value-engineer projects and plan operationally efficient buildings.

Design / Build

The Owner contracts with Browning to provide not only the construction services, but also the architectural and engineering services which allows the designer and Browning to work together from the beginning, as a team, providing unified project recommendations to fit the Owner’s schedule and budget. Any changes are addressed by the entire team, leading to collaborative problem-solving and innovation.

At-Risk Construction Management

Browning acts as a consultant to the Owner during the pre-construction phase of the project (design and development) and the equivalent of a General Contractor during the construction phase with a single contract for construction services where Browning holds and enforces contracts with each subcontractor and is responsible for the financial and schedule risk for proper completion.

General Contractor

The Owner hires an architect to design the building and to prepare the construction documents for bidding with Browning’s services starting at the hard-bid selection process and continuing through the completion of the project.  Browning contracts with all subcontractors and is responsible for aligning construction cost and schedule of the project.

Owner’s Technical Representative

An owner contracts directly with each of the subcontractors and hires Browning to provide technical expertise to the Owner throughout the process.  From site selection and design through construction completion Browning enforces the Owner/Subcontractor contracts and ensures subcontractors adhere to the design and construction documents.

Construction Projects

Property Services.

We manage buildings from an owner’s perspective to create long-term value. This requires day-to-day operational excellence and a strategic financial approach. Many asset management firms have never owned a building. We have owned hundreds. Our experience in the owner’s seat lets us identify savings and maximize efficiency better than anyone in the industry.