Happy Retirement Kim Reeves

After 33 years of breaking new ground, we wish Kim well on her next adventure.

In our office Kim Reeves has been known to be a pillar of our company over the last 32.6 years (over 34 if you count her time on the Browning account with Ernst & Young) and as such we wish her a very happy (and well deserved) retirement.

Kim was with Browning through 6 office locations and worked in 6 different areas of our company.  From Accounting, Financial Analysis, IT, HR, Consulting, and Development she faced every unexpected challenge with common sense, confidence, and determination to get the job not only done, but done well.  We’re pretty sure that Kim has run more proforma scenarios than every other Browning employee combined.

As much as we will continue to miss her at the office… we are excited she will have more time to dedicate to her passions of volunteering, traveling,  playing pickleball (she probably retired because we didn’t install her requested court at the office) as well as exploring new hobbies and challenges.

Our most recent employee volunteer day was at Teachers’ Treasures, an organization dear to her heart and where she served on the board.

Thank you, Kim, for exemplifying what it means to #BeBrowning and leading by example all these years.