Aequitas Professional Building

Aequitas Professional Building

The Aequitas Professional Building was developed by Browning as part of the Marion County Community Justice Campus (CJC) in Indianapolis, Indiana to house professional services and much needed retail tenants focused on providing food and beverage options to the nearly 6,000 daily employees and visitors to the CJC.

The 134,600 square feet of 5-story, steel frame with metal panel exterior, office building houses the Marion Superior Court Probation Department and Public Defender Agency. The building also boasts local art installations and 7,500 square feet of retail and outdoor plaza seating that are important tenant amenities also accessible to residents and campus visitors.

In addition to developing and managing the building, Browning created a joint venture with Davis & Associates to perform the construction.  The Browning-Davis team surpassed City of Indianapolis XBE goals with 38% diverse business participation.  The site has potential for a sister building on the south side of the site for future City tenants or private sector needs.

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