The Coil

The Coil

The Coil is a modern, luxury apartment community in the heart of vibrant, eclectic Broad Ripple Village.  Located along College Avenue just north of Broad Ripple Avenue and the Broad Ripple Canal, The Coil creates an iconic gateway into Broad Ripple Village.  The Coil includes a Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, 151 high-end apartments ranging from studio up to 2 bedroom units and townhomes, and parking garage for Coil residents and Fresh Thyme customers.  Fresh Thyme has also incorporated a three-season patio and an activated outdoor area to provide an amenity space with connectivity to the new esplanade.

The Coil project was a complex urban infill development with multiple challenges and intricacies including land assembly; complicated site design and programing to address environmental and flood plain restrictions; rezoning and multiple variances related to height and parking; and construction in a site constrained location adjacent to the Broad Ripple Canal.

The site, formerly underutilized as an abandoned gas station and antiquated apartments, has been transformed into a vibrant, active destination bringing additional daytime foot traffic to the Broad Ripple Vilage.  The Coil also served as the catalyst for redeveloping the footpath on the north side of the canal into a family friendly esplanade running from College Avenue to Guilford Avenue.

Broad Ripple Village - Indianapolis, Indiana

151 Multifamily Units & 33,500 SF Specialty Grocery Store



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