Happy Retirement Eric Crouch

After 31 years of breaking new ground, we wish Eric well on his next adventure.

Eric Crouch has been a pillar of our company known for his “High-Vis” Hawaiian Shirts and sense of humor, but if you ever visited Eric’s jobsites the most undeniable fact is that you could expect a safe, clean, and bright environment.  Eric earned the respect of his team through his vast construction knowledge, experience, and calm yet forceful demeanor but more importantly…

Subcontractors liked to work with Eric, and that says everything about a person in our [construction] industry.

Eric has built some incredible projects together over his 31.5 years of service to Browning – part of over 60 projects, totaling 14 million square feet and $500M.  Wow – that is an impressive career!

Beyond the numbers Eric has always had creative solutions to the never ending daily onslaught of issues that arise when constructing highly complex projects and never complained about the 2 am phone calls, the 24/7 on-call status required to manage the construction of a project, or requests from marketing to play a groundhog looking for his shadow – that commitment to the team (or in his words, family) is just part of his DNA.

Thank you, Eric, for exemplifying what it means to #BeBrowning and leading by example all these years and we wish you a (bittersweet but) happy retirement.