Discovery Park District at Purdue

Discovery Park District at Purdue

In 2016, Browning was selected by the Purdue Research Foundation as Master Development Partner for approximately 400 acres at the west end of the Purdue University campus. The Discovery Park District was envisioned to be a master planned community to help drive new business and economic development as the convergence of business, community, and the university.  The full development plan includes student housing; non-student residential; hospitality; lab, research and other collaboration spaces; office; discovery and entrepreneurial spaces; retail; public spaces; and aerospace industry-focused research, advanced manufacturing and light industrial space.

Development, ultimately totaling several million square feet with a total investment in excess of $1 billion, will build a preeminent environment for educational, economic, cultural, community and real estate development with a long-term plan and a vision large enough that developers will be executing vertical development for 15 to 30 years.

Serving as master developer of Discovery Park District, Browning played three key roles:

  • Browning was responsible for establishing the overall Master Plan for Discovery Park District which was approved by the PRF Board of Directors and the Purdue University Board of Trustees.
  • Browning assisted the first developers and project owner-occupiers to execute developments consistent with the Master Plan.
  • Browning participated in their own vertical development projects and continues to look for development opportunities that further the objectives of the Master Plan.

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